Group Booking-FAQ’s

Group Booking- FAQ's

Group Booking- FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Question )

Q1.  What is group booking in the airline?

Ans-  Group booking means in the airline, you can book your flight ticket above 9 to 120 passengers going in same airline/flight.

Q2. What are the benefits of group booking?

 Ans-(I) Flexibility in giving a name list and name changes.
(II) Flexibility in payment.
(III) In the group, Pay the equal fare for each person.
(IV) Easily check-in with the group at the airport.
(V) If you want to get the best fare airline group booking offer the special fare for group booking.

Q3. What is the minimum person required in group booking?

Ans-  The minimum 10 person group booking required  for group travel in flight

Q4. What are the term and condition for a group booking?

Ans- Every airline have different term & condition, you can read about all airline group booking terms & condition.

Q5. Are group flight ticket booking more expensive rather than an individual ticket?

Ans-  Yes, Group flight ticket more expensive rather than the individual ticket. But group booking may also be cheaper, it depends on the airline that you made the booking.

Q6. How can I do a payment after accepting the fares?

Ans-  After accepting the fare, you can do a payment through Netbanking & PayU.

Q7. How much payment in advance for a group booking?

Ans-  25% payment in advance or  INR 3000 per passenger per sector fare whichever is higher.

Q8. Can I get a discount on a group booking?

Ans- Yes, you can get a discount but it depends on the flight load & availability also.

Q9. Can I cancel a group booking?

Ans- Yes, you can cancel group booking with cancellation charge as per the airlines but below 3000/- per sector per flight fares are non-refundable.

Q10. Can I book group travel on a low-cost airline?

Ans-  Yes, Airline group booking provides you low-cost airline for group travel.


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