How to Make Airline Group Booking In India

What is the procedure to Make a Airline Group Booking In India?

A Group booking requirement can be understood as a team of people travelling together and they want to travel together from one destination to another. This type of travel requirement is a frequent requirement and is required on some special occasions and the procedure to do so is also not available on any travel website. So How can one make a airline group booking in India.

The steps involved in Airline group booking is not a automatic process of making a reservation and getting confirmation in minutes by receiving a PNR from airline. This involves few manual steps through which group fare can be obtained. The airfare varies on time to time so the first important thing which is to be considered while making a airline group booking is that you have to first finalize the date and timing for which you would be requiring a group fare. Now you have to check the fare for 9 passengers on any travel website at your proffered timing and then see which flight fare is showing cheapest at that time.

The fare which you will get in making airline group booking in that airline will not be the fare which you have seen on any travel portal. The fare depends on the number of passengers who will be travelling in that flight if the number of person is 10 you can consider that fare but if it is more than 15 then you should not book your flight ticket from any online travel portal because the fare showing you on that flight portal is a promo fare for only 9 seats. Once you book those 9 seats the next fare will definitely increase and you will be forced to make your flight reservation with the next available fare. So it is very important that you should understand this and should not get into the trap by making online booking for 9 seats and then go for another 9 seats. You should consider choosing a group booking instead of making online booking.

It is very clear that airline divides the airfare with the number of seats a customer requires, suppose the requirement of group booking is for 20 person the fare will increase for about 20% when the fare is required for 30 person then there will be increase in fare of 10% and so on on every addition, for example first 9 seats if its showing 2000 next 9 seats will be 2400 and next 9 will be 2640. Now if you take a group fare you will get group fare of 2200 for 20 passengers and 2400 for 30 passengers. You will say why should i go for a group booking when I am getting about same on making a flight booking through any travel portal If you think you have made a good option by making online booking rather than going for a group booking by doing so you are wrong. The airlines gives many benefits when you make a group booking. You have the option to enter the names 7 days before travel, You have option to make only a part payment of 50% and rest before a prescribed time of your travel when you make a group booking but this option is available when you are making a reservation through a consolidator for airline group booking. If you are making a direct reservation for your group you have to make 100% payment in advance to make the group booking. Now a days the cancellation charges of airlines have just doubled so in  this case also you can save some of your money when you have booked through a consolidator rather than airlines directly. However the cancellation of airline group booking is 100% non refundable if cancelled within 7 days of travel.

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Know about Airlines Group booking Terms  before you make a group booking : All the airlines have their different terms and conditions to make a airline group booking. If you are looking to make a group booking for Indigo airlines and need to know more about the terms and conditions of Indigo Airlines you can read those terms and conditions which are very important to know before making a group booking in indigo airlines.