Group Booking Airline Tickets

Group Booking Airline Tickets

Group Booking Airline Tickets In India

Today booking a Flight ticket is the easiest way to cover any destination in India or across the world and reduce the travel time and when it comes to travel together in a group it is more exciting. Group Booking for Airline Tickets is not that easy as compared when you are planning to book a single ticket or below 9 passenger tickets. When the list of your travelers is increased to 10 or more than 10 you should not consider making a Group Booking Airline Tickets over the travel website thinking that you will be able to book 9 seats at a time and after that you will book another 9 or remaining flight tickets through any other website or try booking for next 9 passenger again on the website and you will get the same airfare, other trick which customers try but do not succeed in which customers try is to  issue multiple tickets by opening two tabs  or using two system for  issuing ticket for 9 passengers in each time and will press the book button and while doing so both the ticket of 9 passenger will give you the same airfare Thinking such option and choosing this option can lead you in a big problem. When  you are opting for bulk Booking Airline Tickets in India you have to follow different procedure. Please read the terms and condition of Go airline group booking, Indigo Airline Group Booking, Spicejet Airline group bookings.


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The Next Important thing which comes while making a bulk flight ticket reservation is to choose which Airline should be chooses for making a group booking. There are many domestic airlines but to choose the best airline for your group travel is most important. Every Airline has some specialty and would work according to your preferences in making a group reservation. Lets start with Go Air, Go air fare is found lower when you are searching a group air ticket in India, A group fare in go air is mostly found in every sector. More details about Go Airlines Group fare can be checked here. Go air most preffered sector people use to make group ticket is Delhi to mumbai sector to know how you can make a group flight for delhi to mumbai you can check from here.

What Happens if I book 9 Tickets online and again 9 Tickets will I get Same fare ?

Group Booking Airline Tickets

make your flight group booking reservation with cheapest airfare

If you book your flight ticket by choosing 9 person flight tickets at a time and then going for another 9 tickets considering that you will get the same airfare what you got which you were getting while searching first 9 tickets will prove you wrong. The Airline system works differently in what the fare they are showing online is a promo fare for only few seats, once those seats are booked they share a different airline ticket fare on their portal. This airfare comes to the airline website automatically as per their fare rule. The airfare which is published after 9 seats is the fare for next class available and the fare for this next class is always higher than the first class. You never know what  fare you will get when you will be booking the next 9 seats and the first 9 flight tickets which you have booked if you cancel those tickets in that case  the cancellation charge you will find higher than the airfare you have no choice to accept whatever next class fare it is showing and have to book your flight ticket on that same airfare. This rule follows for all the airlines in India and all airlines follow this rule to make profit from the flight tickets from the customers.

Its like a trap in which customers get into very easily without knowing the actual fact about how to making group booking if you proceed in this way you are going to get the higher fare as compared to what fare you will get in Group fare.

Travelling by Flight is always a preferred option when it comes to travel and choose between all other mode of transport like by road or by train. The major airlines in which you can consider Group Booking Airline Tickets are Indigo Airline Group Booking, Vistara Airline group booking, Air Asia Group Booking, Air India Group Booking, Jet Airways, Go Air Group Booking and Spicejet Airlines Group Booking.


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