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About Group Booking

What Is Airline Group Booking?

Airline group booking is a bulk ticket booking for flights in which travellers want to travel together when the number of passengers are above 9 and they require to get the bookings done.

This process of Flight group booking is different from what we make a normal flight reservation as in this process the fares which shows normally is not applicable while you are going for a group booking. All the major airlines like Indigo Airlines, Spicejet Airlines, Go Air and etc provide group fare. Many times people think that the fare for group booking will be cheaper than the normal fare which shows on other websites for 1 to 9 pax as they are making the reservation in bulk.
But exactly the flight group fare is higher than what it shows normally.
So if you are searching for cheaper fare in group booking it should be considered that group fare will be higher than the normal fare. There is a reason behind that. The fares which shows on airlines website is normally a promotional fare which they have published whereas as the number of seats increase in a airline group booking the fare also increases as the airline provides the group fare according to the flight load.

The more in advance you make a flight group booking the more chances are that you will get better fares as the time comes close to the departure date the group fare will increase which is similar to the normal flight booking process.

We specially work on flight group bookings that is the reason we help you provide the right information and correct procedure to make the group booking. There are lot of formalities done before getting a group booking so it should be considered that you should make your group booking from right sources.

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